Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm inspired...

I know it's been awhile since I haven't written, I am really going to make it a point to write. I was reminded about blogspot through one of my bosses. He has a cooking blogspot. It's really cool! I'm a foodie and I love to cook and bake. But what I'm really passionate about is the things of God.

I know a lot of us are following our economy and we are living in a tumultuous time. I truly believe that the Lord is allowing it for a higher purpose, and that's to get everyone's attention off money and on to Him. Unfortunately, this country is now living in perpetual greed and lust. And God being a Sovereign and Just God has had enough of our shenanigans. We as a country need to get back to the basics, get on our knees and repent. Christians in this country and around the world need to cry out to God like never before if we want to see healing on our land and around the world. God can send revival, however, He won't send it if there isn't repentant hearts.

Personally, I'm coming before the Lord and asking that He help me and cleanse my heart... purify my heart oh Lord and renew a right spirit within me. That's what I truly desire... I want to be as a light unto darkness and shine brightly whereever my feet tread. I want to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I pray that we come together, pray and fast for God's mercy on this nation and around the world. We need Him and we need His Help. May the Lord have mercy and grace upon us all. Amen.

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