Friday, April 10, 2009

Song of the Day (and a note about the House)

Good morning Saints! Today is Good Friday, wow! Beautiful day too! A lot of you have responded to my previous email this week regarding the abandoned house.
Well, you are not going to believe this, but yesterday morning while I was passing this house again, I decided I wanted to take the above picture of the three empty chairs... I don't know, it just inspired me, so I wanted to take a picture of it. While I was about to snap the photo, the next neighbor comes out and asks me what I was doing. I told her I was taking a photo. She asks me why. I told her because it inspires me. She looked at me like I was a little nuts, but I didn't care... But then she proceeds to tell me that the house isn't abandoned. I didn't even ask her, but she offered the information. I said, oh really? She said, yes... but so many people come around thinking the house is abandoned and wanting to buy the house. But she says, someone lives in this house. I said, really? I was so curious that I just had to inquire about who lived in the house. She tells me an old man. Well, that nearly broke my heart... :(
Then she proceeded to tell me that this house is over a hundred years old and belonged to his parents. She sadly expressed that it is such a shame because when the old man passes away, someone is going to buy it and tear it down and it's such a BEAUTIFUL house! My jaw dropped open as I stood there feeling convicted... HA HA HA... Here I wrote how abandoned, ugly and neglected this house is, how I wouldn't want to buy it and who would want it anyway... and the next door neighbor is telling me how she loves the house and grieves over the fact that one day someone is going to buy the house and tear it down! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe my ears... But wait, it gets even better... she then proeeded to tell me, that maybe I'll be the one to buy the house! HA HA HA!!! LOL! Oh my gosh... I was dying... I started to laugh to myself... God definitely has a sense of humor HA HA HA!
However, I must confess Saints, that the house is growing on me... (smile) I know, I know... But seriously, it is... I started to take a closer look at the house and I began to understand what the neighbor was saying... the house definitely has some character; it's unique, it once was a very beautiful house... but it just wasn't kept up, maintained or given proper attention and care, however, when you really pay attention and look closely at the house, you actually see its beauty, character and uniqueness. Amazing huh? This sort of reminds me of myown life sometimes... how I can miss things that are just blatantly staring me in the face. LOL!
I was able to show the neighbor the photo I took the other day of the yellow daffodils andshe really loved it... I also shared a little bit about what I wrote too. She tells me that she's going to start taking pictures of the house too (smile).
Now, my heart is on the old man that lives inside that house... I pray that the Lord will open a door of opportunity to speak to him. I'll keep you posted if I do... (smile) In the meantime, could you pray along with me for the man that lives in that house? Thank you.
Gosh, I had such a dilemma in selecting the Song of the Day today, because there are so many good ones! I was either going to choose, Thief or Love Song by Third Day...
However, wind up going with, Mighty to Save by Hillsong United.He rose and conquered the grave!!! He's Alive, He Has Risen! Praise Him! Glory, Glory, Glory!! Hallelujah! Have a very blessed Resurrection Day Saints!!!

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