Monday, April 6, 2009

Resurrected Life

I was walking early this morning, my usual route.  Every day I pass this house about a couple of blocks away from where I live.

This house looks broken down, neglected and it may even be abandoned. It's a literal mess and there is nothing comely about it.  In my eyes, the house seems completely hopeless and irreparable.

Each day as I pass this house, I think the same thought, "who on earth would want or even buy this house?"
It's beat up, messed up, worn out, and utterly worthless! I know one thing, I wouldn't want to buy it. Especially given the fact I am not endowed with any handyman facilities.

But something different happened this morning as I passed this house... I noticed these beautiful flowers in the midst of dead branches right in front of it. I just had to stop and take a picture... then I proceeded on my way, when the Holy Spirit started to minister to me.

He said, "You are like that beat up, broken, messed up house... but just like those flowers, I have the power to resurrect life and beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:3), amongst what seems to you, as being hopeless or dead... (Ezekiel Chapter 37)

In conclusion, the song of the day is called Four Seven by Jars of Clay.

About 3 months ago, I realized that at the end of their last track called Blind (on their very first album (1995)), there were these hidden tracks, the first one is called Four Seven which I was completely blown away by... I discovered it was on YouTube and wanted to share it with all of you.

Hope you enjoy the groove... (smile)


Tammy Helfrich said...

Love this! It is so true. When we learn to see our world through God's eyes, it changes us dramatically. We have new lenses, as my Pastor always says. Great post.

Pilar Arsenec said...

I love when the Lord allows me to see through His eyes.  Your pastor is a wise man.  Thanks so much for reading my post and commenting.  I wrote this back in 2009 when I wasn't in a very good place.  Reading this encouraged me, because I see that the Lord fulfills His promises. 

Shannon Milholland said...

Beautiful! God sees us as we can be. So thankful for His grace and mercy!