Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Song of the Day by DJ Sister P.

Good morning Saints! How is everyone doing? I'm blessed... and thankful...

Has anyone seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire? It's out on dvd now. My husband and I snuck it in at midnight a couple of Saturday's ago (smile) and we both loved it. I won't ruinthe plot in case any of you may want to see it. But it's an amazing love story... I'm not reallyone for those mushy love stories, but I have to say, this one takes the cake. The children in the movie are real life kids from the slums in Mumbai. Very sad.

I don't know if any of you knew, but I went to India back in 1995. I visited Bombay and then Bangalore, which is in the south of India. I remember Bombay being hectic, overpopulated, polluted, and impoverished. There is an extreme gap between the rich and the poor. In the midst of wealth, you see great poverty... just like the movie depicts. I saw it in real life and I have to say it was quite a culture shock for me to witness. However,I loved India, and hope to visit there again one day... it's just an interesting place. I love the food, the music, the culture; there's a lot of history, diversity and energy.

Anyway, for some reason, after seeing this movie, I started to think of Hosea and Gomer in the Bible. For those of you who are not familiar with the story... The story of Hosea and his wayward wife Gomer has been told and retold. It is one of the most magnificent stories of redemption and unbounded love. This story also depicts the divine romance between God and His covenant people.

I just saw a connection between the romance in Slumdog Millionaire and the Book of Hosea. The relentless love that the main character exhibits for the woman he loves in the movie, reminded me of the love Hosea demonstrates with Gomer, that even though she left him to prostitute herself again, he loved her so much, that he went and bought her back anyway.

It's similar to what God does with each one of us... when we accepted Jesus into our lives,we were bought back from the hand of the enemy. God's love was so vast and so relentless,that He is always actively pursuing us, so much so, that He allowed His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to come down here and die for each one of us...

This movie and the Book of Hosea really opened my eyes to recognize the enormity of God's love for humanity; for each one of us that He intricately and lovingly made inside our mother's wombs. His love is so amazing that our finite minds can't even wrap itself around it or really comprehend it.

One last thought about the movie, I realized that there is no defilement or tainting, whenthe purity of genuine, unconditional love is present. You will see what I mean, if and when you see the movie. But, it reminds me of God's unconditional love for us, that whilewe were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) God sees beyond our faults,our inadequacies, our failures, our brokenness, our sinful pasts and sees beauty for ashes. (Isaiah 61:3)

For those of you who are mother's, I wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Mother'sDay... May the Lord bless you with His gift of unconditional love, peace and presence wherever you may be this Mother's Day and always. Blessings to you all.

In His love,
Sister P.

Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G_Xj3WAGBk

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