Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fragments... by Sister P.

Goodmorning Saints! How is everyone doing today? I'm doing well, praise the Lord. Very hectic weekend, but good nevertheless.
I was walking to the train station this morning when I saw this broken mirror on the sidewalk. The mirror just grabbed me, so I decided to take a picture of it.
You can see my reflection in the mirror, amongst the fragmented pieces. It sort of reminds me of what certain life experiences and its damage does in warping my reflection of myself and how I see myself. I can see my reflection amongst the fragmented broken pieces...
But that's not how God sees us... God sees us as perfect and beautiful; not warped, broken or fragmented as we tend to see ourselves sometimes. I must confess that most days I see myself like that broken mirror with its various cracks and imperfections.
I battle everyday to hold on to what God thinks and says about me combatting all the negative voices that stem from various things that have occurred in my life having me see a poor reflection of myself. But there is hope... if we follow Jesus and do things His way... He promises to restore us.
And I can testify that He is slowly doing this in my life. The more I submit andobey Him, the more He heals and restores those broken, fragmented pieces in my life. Are there broken pieces in your life causing you to see a warped reflection of yourself?
Be of good courage, Jesus loves you and wants you to bring those things, areas inyour life to Him. He is the Great Physician and He is in the business of restoring everything and anything that is broken in our lives.
I conclude this with the song of the day, Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves... I've beenlistening to this song a lot, and meditating on the lyrics... so beautifully sung... Sara Groves really inspires me...

Have a blessed day everyone.

In His Love,

Sister P.

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