Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The weather is definitely warming up and along with that comes something else. 

Did you ever wonder why so many women nowadays have to walk around half nude?  I mean, I don't know about you, but I personally wish I didn't have to see half of what I see as a requisite to walking down the streets of Manhattan.  It seems that no matter where I turn, between the billboards, advertisements, commercials, soap operas, reality shows and movies; there is a constant barrage of the human anatomy.

Not only am I bombarded walking down the street, but I'm bombarded from every direction.  Everyone seems to be on a mission to wear the least amount of or tight fitting clothes.  But is it really necessary?  And what is the point?  Is it to try to get attention and why? 

Sometimes when I walk, I observe men standing and waiting on the sidelines, just to watch and check out the women that pass by.  It's like a sport for them.  They absolutely love to gawk and comment about it too.  It's great fun for them.  I have to wonder about these women though.  I mean, don't they know they are being gawked at?  Don't they realize they are being objectified and lowered to the category of a piece of meat on a window display in a supermarket?  And people wonder why there is an epidemic of rapes, pedophilia, sexual abuse and exploitation in our country?

Think about it, men are visual.  God wired them this way to desire woman for the purpose of procreation.  Even godly men struggle not to look, because they are still men.  I mean, if a woman is flaunting her goods for the world to see, how in the world are men not suppose to even notice?  And forget about men, what about women?  It's like you are forced to see what you are not even remotely interested in seeing because it's blatantly in your face. 

I feel like saying, "Does your business need to become my business?" or "Why not just take all your clothes off and walk around naked for goodness sake?"  The sad part is that even Christian women are falling into this trap too. 

I mean, hey, it's great that you have a nice body, curves, cleavage and cute butt... However, what happened to the word "modesty"?  Do I need to see your cleavage or buttocks?  I personally don't even like to see men in tight pants, shirts or displaying their goods either.  I think its rather distasteful if you ask me.

I thank the Lord that I married a man who loves to dress conservatively and classy.  I find it such a complete turn off when I see men or women displaying their goods and their personal business for the rest of the world to see and have to deal with.  Half the time, I just look toward the ground when I'm walking in order to avoid having to see anything.

I'm not meaning to sound like a prude or anything... but I've learned in life that you have to have standards and not everything goes.  And from what I read in the Bible, woman are suppose to dress modestly (1 Timothy 2:9). 

Now, there will be some of you who will argue with me on this, claiming that there is nothing wrong with showing a little cleavage or booty so long as it's done tastefully.  Well, I disagree, which is why I'm writing about it.

I personally don't think it's at all tasteful for a godly woman to be dressing like the world, even if it's considered fashionable by the masses.  I have personally witnessed woman of all ages walking into churches, looking feminine, but displaying their goods... short dresses, mini skirts, tight pants, tight shirts, tight dresses, cleavage and buttocks of all shapes and sizes being displayed.  I've also witnessed other Christian men, single or married, gawking at them.  Can you really blame them though? 

So my question is, why are these women going to church then?  To be gawked at or to hear the Word of God?  To attract men or to become more like Christ?  I can tell you, I need all the Word I can get.  I really don't need to be worried about the latest fashion statement.  There is nothing wrong with dressing up and liking clothes if that's your thing.  However, it does becomes a problem, when you are attracting unnecessary attention to your body parts, especially in church.

People criticize some women for dressing in long skirts, long blouses or long dresses.  They say, it's too old fashioned, or it makes you look too old.  But quite frankly, I think covering in church is proper in the sense that it helps men not to be distracted.  You say, well then, a man should exercise self control and not look.  And that's true, however, we all have our weaknesses and some men struggle with a wandering eye.  Please help these struggling brothers in Christ from sinning, by dressing modestly and not causing distraction.  Unfortunately, we have not all arrived or are sanctified.  And just because you become a Christian, doesn't mean you are dead.  Whatever you may have struggled with before getting saved, could be the same exact struggle after being saved. 

Oh boy, I can just hear it now, I know a lot of people are going to be like, what is her problem?  What is wrong with the way I dress?  I can't help it if God gave me a great body?  What's wrong with showing it?  There is nothing wrong with flaunting what God gave me?  I mean, it's all natural?  It's how God made me?  Why should I be ashamed of what God has blessed me with?  She's just jealous because she doesn't have a hot body like me and she don't want her husband checking me out.   I'm not going to be dressing modestly... as far as I'm concerned she needs to step up her game in the fashion department instead of telling me how I should be dressing!

And my rebuttal is this... and I'm saying this humbly... I know a lot about fashion.  I used to design clothing, and was accepted into F.I.T. full time based on my portfolio.  I also modelled for many years and went to professional make up school as well.  However, during the course of time, I became a naturalist.  I stopped wearing make up.  Occasionally, I may put on some lip gloss.  And please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with make up.   I just made a personal choice to stop wearing it.  Anyway, my husband didn't like kissing my lipstick or make-up. So it worked out brilliantly.

But, my blog is not about fashion or make up, but rather exhibitionism.  Fashion is one thing, showing cleavage and buttocks is another.  My point is, you can dress classy and tasteful without showing an ounce of skin.

When I first met my husband, I was dressed very conservatively.  I was wearing an Italian pin striped grey pant suit. The jacket went down to my mid-thigh, meaning that I wasn't showing an ounce of flesh.  He had nothing to check out, other than my face and my nice suit.  He asked for my hand in marriage 9 months later.

I honestly wish I can actually tell women they don't have to show every nook and cranny of their anatomy to be loved.  A real man is going to love you for your virtue and heart, not your booty.  What really lasts is an attraction that goes beyond dressing like a hoochie.  You want a man to treat you with honor and respect, then you have to demonstrate it by the way you carry and conduct yourself. 

The days are getting more and more like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The bible does talk about the last days and describes everything that is happening right now.  In order for people to see a difference in us, we can't dress, act or be like the world.  We have to be different, not fit in and be like everyone else.  There is no grey area, wrong is wrong and right is right... and our compass in living is the Word of God. 

We really need to get back to the basics in our walks and honestly evaluate what we are doing.  We need to examine and ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing, what are our motives and does it line up with the Word of God. 

I know this blog was kind of rough, but I don't really hear anyone addressing this issue.  Yes, we should be more concerned about sin and our heart condition, but the way we dress and carry ourselves is a direct reflection of the motives of our hearts and minds. 

I pray that the Lord open our hearts and minds to see the truth and make the necessary changes needed to be able to truly exemplify Christ in and through our lives.  In Jesus Name, I pray... Amen.

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Pam said...

Pilar you put a smile on my face. I wonder who is selling some of these people mirrors. I would also like the men to pull up their pants.