Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday, Earth Day & Resurrection Sunday

I just love the fact that Earth Day fell on Good Friday.  It was kind of symbolic for me.  Lately I've been getting in touch with some truths about our food.  Basically what we reap we sow.  We pollute the earth, we will eat what we pollute too.  People wonder why so many people are getting cancer, it seems like an epidemic.  Well, I challenge you to start reading about genetically modified foods... known as GMO's.  I purposefully purchase non-GMO foods now.  We have a bunch of rich people who decided to be clever and act like God... by genetically cloning corn, soy, etc...  I have to say that my mouth dropped open in shock from the information I have been reading about what we are actually putting in our mouths.  It explains why my son was born with massive food allergies, chronic asthma and a host of other health issues.

I've always been a good eater and very open to try different things.  Basically, I was never picky... but now, it's a whole other ball game.  You know, I used to think these people running around trying protecting the earth were a little extreme, but they are not.  I was just ignorant, I wasn't read on the subject.  But now that I am, oh boy, it's like the veil lifted and I know the truth.

It sort of reminds me when I first got saved... my eyes were opened from darkness to light.  I was able to discern the spiritual realm.  It was kind of overwhelming at first... all was brand new and so much to learn.  But it was as if I woke up and was seeing the world around me in a whole new way.  Much like my awareness of how our food is being processed.  How we are polluting the earth, which is making us sick.  People are being born with illnesses and there is an epidemic of how many people get cancer.

I just thought it was more than a coincidence that Earth Day landed on the same day as Good Friday.  Both are important to me, besides being very symbolic at this stage and new chapter in my life.  A right of passage, so to speak, on my new journey toward caring about our planet and organic nutrition.  God gave us this earth to take care of it, to be good stewards of it and our bodies too.

In conclusion, I just wanted to share a devotion I finished reading called Thirty-One Days of Drawing Near to God:  Resting Securely in His Delight, which I received for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group to review.  I really enjoyed reading this every morning for 31 days. I especially loved reading about the author's life, experiences and the obstacles she had to overcome. I was left meditating and contemplating on the truths I learned from this devotion. Ruth Myers prolifically draws you into her life and shares her spiritual wisdom throughout the book.   It was refreshing, especially in preparation during this time as we are ushering in Resurrection Sunday.

Happy Easter everyone:

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