Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chosen Book Review: "My Life and Lesser Catastrophes" by Christina Schofield

Christina Schofield has been a children's illustrator and writer for the last ten years, working with Zonderkidz, Group Publishing, Standard Publishing and Cook Communications (  She and her husband, Allen, a campus pastor, have one daughter, Lily, and live in Rolla, Missouri.

Christina's blog:

I received this book for free to review a couple of months ago, while taking a sabbatical from reading books to study the Bible. However, I felt a persistent tug from God to read this book, "My Life and Lesser Catastrophes" by Christina Schofield.  I didn't quite know what to expect, all I knew was that God wanted me to read this book.  So I obeyed and boy was I blown away!

The premise of this book was about how she and her husband Allen got into a terrible motorcycle accident.  Christina had a bad concussion, and her husband Allen tragically broke his neck and became a quadriplegic.
Christina Schofield chronicles her physical, emotional and spiritual journey in this beautifully written memoir.  This book is about faith, hope and love in the midst of tragedy. I can't even begin to tell you how much this book spoke into my life.  The second I began reading it, I just couldn't put it down.  Christina Schofield's heart was poured out on each page and God's signature was all over it.

I have never fell in love with a book so much in my life.  I related to and empathized with Christina Schofield's life in many respects.  But she really won me over when I read that she liked Bananarama.  Anyone who likes Bananarama is cool in my book! 

On a serious note though, my heart broke by what happened and how it translated and played out in all of their lives.  But to read her faith journey with God throughout this tragedy was simply amazing.  I consider Christina Schoefield a modern day saint.  I love her heart and deeply admire her faith.  She is a talented writer with an incredible sense of humor.  I found myself laughing a lot as she has such a way of describing things even in the midst of such bleak circumstances.

Christina Schofield's book was uncompromisingly honest, raw and real. I really didn't want this book to end, I enjoyed it that much.  All I have been doing is telling people about it and will continue to.  I highly recommend this book!

I want to thank Chosen Books for blessing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.  I also want to thank Christina Schofield for writing this book and sharing her life with all of us.  

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