Monday, March 19, 2012

The "Suspicious" Murder of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

I was going back and forth, debating on whether I should write about the senseless murder of an innocent boy, Trayvon Martin.  But I realized that I needed to do something constructive with what I'm processing right now.  If truth be told, the more I read about it, the sadder and angrier I become.  

For those of you who have not heard about this story, here is a brief synopsis from The Huffington Post: 
Martin, 17, a high school junior who lived with his mother in Miami, was visiting his father and stepmother at their home in Sanford, a suburb of Orlando, on the weekend of Feb. 26. During halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, Martin's family said he walked to a nearby convenience store to get some candy for his younger brother. On his way back home, according to reports, he caught the attention of George Zimmerman, a 26-year-old college student and self-appointed captain of The Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood watch.
Zimmerman, armed with a 9mm handgun, trailed the boy in his car. At some point, Zimmerman called 911, telling the operator there was a "suspicious person in the area," according to a police report acquired by HuffPost.
Not long after the call, some sort of altercation ensued between Zimmerman and Martin. Then neighbors said they heard gunfire.
The Sanford Police arrived and found Martin lying face down on a patch of grass about 70 feet from his family's home, a pack of candy in one pocket and an iced tea in the other.
(...) According to reports, Zimmerman's gun was legal and he has claimed to authorities that he shot Martin in self-defense. Crump, the family's attorney, described Zimmerman as a "loose cannon" and questioned why any neighborhood watchman would be carrying a loaded gun. He has asked law enforcement authorities to turn over recordings of the call to 911 that Zimmerman made the night of the shooting, in the hopes that it might shed some light on the incident. Crump said if the recordings are not given to the family, he will file a public records lawsuit on their behalf. According to reports, Zimmerman's gun was legal and he has claimed to authorities that he shot Martin in self-defense.
Sobering isn't it?  First of all, you may be wondering as I did, how Zimmerman had a loaded 9mm handgun in the first place?  

The State of Florida has a version of a "Shoot First" law which allows you to shoot someone if you feel threatened and exempt you from being charged with murder. []

As stated above, according to reports, Zimmerman's gun was legal and he claims he shot Martin in self-defense.  

Self-defense?  Please look carefully at Trayvon's photo above.  Now look at Zimmerman's photo below.  Does the guy below look like he would need to defend himself from a boy half his age and half his size?

Zimmerman was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun while Trayvon was carrying a bag of Skittles and a bottle of Ice Tea.  Now how in the world does Zimmerman claim he killed Trayvon in self-defense?  Furthermore, how can he claim Trayvon looked "suspicious" in the first place?  Does Trayvon look like a boy anyone needs to be "suspicious" of?   

I do not need to be in law enforcement to deduct that there is something grossly wrong with this picture.

However, the Sanford police didn't seem to think so when they released Zimmerman after he admitted to killing Trayvon.  He was released because he claimed it was self-defense.  Meanwhile, Trayvon didn't own or carry a gun.

But that doesn't seem to matter to the police as they are taking Zimmerman's word for it.  Hellooooo... the guy just shot and killed a human being!!  On this premise alone, Zimmerman should have been kept in police custody and not released.  You just don't go around killing innocent people on "suspicion" and/or claiming self-defense?  As it is, Zimmerman didn't even adhere to proper protocol when the 911 dispatch operator advised him not to follow Trayvon.  So why would they release, and not arrest someone who murdered another human being without evaluating all the facts and evidence first?  It just doesn't make logical sense to me. 

I honestly feel for the parents, family and friends of Trayvon Martin.  I also feel for the neighbors who heard Trayvon desperately screaming for help until a gunshot was heard, silencing his voice forever. 

It's just another tragic story of a senseless murder of a child.  I pray that the truth is exposed and justice prevails.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, isn't it, that someone his size felt the need to defend himself against a boy with a handful of candy .... yes it does seem that he is a bit off and the law should not be working against this innocent child

Anonymous said...

We Need to WAKE UP! ALL across this country , it is Blatantly obvious that BLACK MEN I particular are TARGETS!,QUESTION, doesn't ANY of these events of late sound AND look familiar?!

About Me: said...

Yes, when I listened to the 911 tape, you can see that there is something more than off... it's just so sad.

About Me: said...

I agree! I was telling my husband last night that it is as if we are back in the 1950's South all over again. It needs to stop. And this "Shoot First" law in Florida and being able to get a license to own a gun needs to be reevaluated pronto. After listening to the 911 tape, I could see that something was definitely off with Zimmerman, by what he was saying and how he was behaving, he sounds like he suffers from some sort of psychological illness, paranoia is part of it. People like him should not be able to be licensed or purchase or own or carry a gun as far as I'm concerned.

Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

I agree that it's tragic what happened to Trayvon Martin. And it certainly looks like something fishy was going on with Zimmerman, but regardless of what went down that night, it deeply saddens and disturbs me that an unarmed kid was killed.

Still, I hope that the shoot first law is not repealed as a result of this and that handgun rights are not restricted even more. The more restricted the laws on self-defense, the more people will be afraid to defend themselves for fear of going to jail. If Zimmerman had some sort of diagnosable psychological illness he shouldn't have been given a gun permit, but as far as a neighborhood watchman carrying a gun goes, that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

This was such a sad and unjust thing that happened, but I hope that people don't get so caught up in the emotion of it that they try to repeal a law that does more good than harm.