Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chosen Book Review: Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton is the senior associate leader at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where he has served with Bill Johnson for three decades. He has written several books, including the bestselling The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Heavy Rain. His prophetic insight and humorous delivery make him a much-sought-after international conference speaker, and his personal testimony of deliverance from fear and torment brings hope and freedom to thousands. Kris is also the cofounder and senior overseer of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, which has grown to more than 1,300 full-time students, as well as the founder of Moral Revolution, an organization dedicated to cultural transformation. He has appeared on numerous media outlets, including The 700 Club. Kris and his wife, Kathy, live in Redding, California.

Paperback: 208 pages 
Publisher: Chosen Books (January 1, 2012) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0800794931 
ISBN-13: 978-0800794934
Price: $12.99
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Just as enemies fought Joshua in the Promised Land, and Nehemiah faced opposition as he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, our enemy will fight us as we approach the spiritual terrain God has promised us. Most Christians retreat at the first sign of conflict because they fail to recognize the true nature of the battle. But you can prevail in freedom and joy.

Sharing his deeply personal story of demonic bondage, torment and ultimate deliverance, pastor and bestselling author Kris Vallotton turns the idea of spiritual warfare as we know it on its head. He reveals the diabolical lies and strategies of the enemy--attacks and traps so subtle and deceptive that we may find our souls and hearts imprisoned without even knowing it.

No more! Now you can win the invisible battle against sin and the enemy. Victory is within your grasp. Will you take hold?


Spirit Wars is an interesting book to say the least.  I was definitely intrigued by Kris Vallotton's personal testimony and experience with spiritual warfare.  I have read many books on this topic and I have to say that this was a very different and unique book on the subject.  

Kris Vallotton writes with honesty as he conveys his personal and spiritual experiences.  The first chapter deals with the premise by which he wrote this book.  His goal is for people to be set free from demonic strongholds.  I also found it to be somewhat of a self help book.  He discusses ways in which people can fall prey to depression and the importance of taking care of oneself.  I found his views to be sound as he wasn't propagating that people should not take medicine if they suffer from depression.   

Spirit Wars offered good advice in some regards.  However, the following are concepts I had trouble with. 
"We are no longer sinners. But we do have a devious, evil enemy who is a sinner." (Page 43)
"What I am saying is that we do not naturally sin because we no longer have a sin nature that is married to the Law." (Page 43)
"A deceptive theology keeps circulating through the Church--a doctrine that basically says it is still our nature to sin after we have been born again.  I am convinced this is a doctrine of demons." (Page 44)
"In fact, I have gone several weeks in a row without sinning." (Page 45)
I am sure there are some who agree with Kris Vallotton's position, however, I'm not one of them.  Truthfully, I had a lot of trouble with the above and also that he calls himself as a prophet.  He may very well be, as I am no one to judge.  However, I personally don't subscribe to titles or positions in the Church.

Overall, I thought Spirit Wars was an interesting and somewhat informative book.  However, I would have personally liked to have seen more scriptural references pertaining to his experiences.  I'm wary of ingesting information of this nature at hearsay.  I believe one has to discern truth from falsehood by the Word of God which alleviates confusion and deception.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Hart of Baker Publishing Group for sending me a complimentary copy of this book to review.


Anonymous said...

I think that the New Age mentality is very evangelistic and even imperialistic. Both. Evangelistic in wanting to spread its word to everyone. And imperialistic in rewriting other traditions according to its own agenda. It says that the essence of all other paths is basically what it is saying. Like the sin issue that you so perceptively pointed out. In the book as you reported it, the sin issue was tweaked in a way that is very different from what Christianity says.

New Age folks like to sort of grab everything. They say that “The underlying truth about all paths is the same: you are the essence of God and that God is within you.” That’s the “perennialism” idea. But that isn’t what Christianity says about itself. That isn’t really respecting Christianity, but rather re-casting it in an imperialistic way. (“Only we tell the truth about all the other paths. No need to go to them. Come to us if you want the true truth!”)

It see it happening when the New Age folks talk about other paths too. For example Buddhism, which mostly doesn’t even have the concept of an overall God or unifying Consciousness. Still, the New Age discourse still tends to grab it and pull it under the New Age umbrella.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

ROFLOL...I agree with you! Like Paul we die daily to sin, and that nature follows us to the last breath!

Pilar Arsenec said...

Amen!  Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate it immensely. :)