Friday, May 11, 2012

Michael Hyatt | Platform Book Launch Team

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has spent his career in book publishing. As a publisher, former literary agent, New York Times bestselling author, and popular blogger, he has a unique perspective on the rapidly changing world of content creation and delivery.

Michael is currently the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publisher in the world and the seventh largest trade book publisher in the United States. He began his career at Word Publishing while a senior at Baylor University. In the 30 years since then, he has worked in nearly every facet of book publishing, including serving as the CEO of Thomas Nelson for six years. He is also the former Chairman of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

His blog,, is ranked by Google in the top one-half percent of all blogs with almost 400,000 visitors a month. He also has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

While Michael loves his work, it is not the most important thing in his life. That position belongs to his family. He has been married to his wife, Gail for thirty-three years. They have five daughters, three sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. They live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

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Pretty impressive, huh?  Michael Hyatt rocks!  Seriously.  I am so thrilled to be part of his Platform book launch team.  

So far, I have been learning so much in a short span of time and also working alongside some pretty incredible people.  I am truly in awe and humbled at the same time.  God definitely works in mysterious ways because I was praying about learning more on this precise topic. God just blew my socks off when He answered my prayer by allowing me to be part of the Platform Book Launch Team.

When I was explaining all this to my husband the other day, I actually wanted to cry, because God is so good and faithful.  Nothing we do goes to waste.  He truly sees us.

God is teaching me not to fear and dream big, which is why I believe He's allowed me to be part of such an amazing team of people.  He is teaching and helping me to grow, not only my platform, but my character as well.    

Platform will launch the week of May 21 with an amazing set of bonus gifts. But please do not buy the book until May 21 – 25. Please check this link out:

In conclusion, I look forward to posting my review next week, so keep your eye out for it. 


Shannon Milholland said...

It is so fun serving with you on this team. Glad to get to know you!

Pilar Arsenec said...

I'm glad to get to know you too Shannon.

Tammy Helfrich said...

Great post! I feel much like you. Sometimes I feel like I could burst with gratitude for what God is doing. I'm loving thr Launch team, and look forward to what God has in store with this awesome group of people.

Pilar Arsenec said...

Thank you so much Tammy. Yes, what a gift. It's so interesting how God connects people. I love it!